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November 11, 2013
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You have to go...  don't you... by Skyline19 You have to go...  don't you... by Skyline19
I'll let you guys come up with something for this one..

This was suppose to come out as a bust but the my mind clicked and now its a portrait. Guess it's safe to say that I got some of my motivation back.

Princess Luna @ Hasbro
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Learned a long time ago never to walk away. There when they need ya', still there when they don't.
SydneyitsSydneyYo Mar 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
Cool, No character limit. Here goes.

"I thought I'd bring you here because, I need to tell you something. It's something important." I say to her. We look to the horizon, watching everypony bustle around, living their own individual lives. The lights ever change just for us, our eyes are to the glorious city.
"I have to leave." I say softly. She turns to me, but I stay looking at the city. "I leave for the crystal empire tomorrow. In the morning, just before sunrise." I didn't want to look at her face, I knew i would break if I saw it. I had received the orders yesterday, but that was the way of the military. I have to ready at a moment’s notice. I had to ready to dive into the unknown without a moment’s notice. Thank the heavens they gave me this, I could never leave without saying goodbye to her. I could tell she was looking at me when she said:
"Why. Why can’t they give you just, another day? A day to say goodbye, a day to spend with your loved ones." Her voice was soft, and somber. The buzz of the city was peaceful, it helped me remember that not everything was changing. I knew when I signed up for the military, I would have to face things like this. The full weight of how these things worked never occurred to me. I had thought about it before, but never imagined I would have to leave everypony I knew.
"Maybe I can come with you, Maybe I can-" Her voice cracked as she began to stammer. I turned to her, her eyes were teary, and I felt the knot in my throat well up. She knew there was nothing she could do.
"You have responsibilities here, I have them elsewhere. There's nothing any of us can do." I looked back at the horizon and began to think about all the work that went into the construction of each little house.
"You have to go... don't you..." She stepped in front of me blocking out the horizon. Her eyes were the beautiful crystal blue they always where. A tear began to fall, I watched as it rolled down her face, and onto her crest. I wiped the others off her as one fell from my own eyes. I couldn't run away from this. I had to face this.
"Will you write to me? Will we talk in our dreams" She asked with the same lump I felt in my throat.
"I wouldn't miss it for the Beautiful night you bring." I told her, with all my heart.
"We are the night..." She said jokingly, wiping away more tears from her face.
"You are my everything." At that we hugged so tightly, nothing could separate us. She buried her muzzle in my chest, as I placed my head atop hers, and get one last look at the horizon. It was the last one I'd see, and that I knew as well.

Sorry, for the long post. I just like to write. Great job on your art by the way! XP
Luna: You have to go... don't you...

Me: No, I want to go, the answers I seek are out there somewhere and I need to find them on my own.

Luna: "Sniff" I see.

Me: But hey tell you what, until I return every night when I can't sleep and I gaze out at the beautiful night sky you make I'll think of you and dream of us meeting again someday.

Luna: "Sniffle's while Smiling" And I'll think of you and dream of the first time we were together under the same stars when we confessed our feelings for one another.

Me: Exactly, so until the day when we meet again "puts a flower in  her hair" don't you go changing on me Princess Luna.

"Both Blush madly as they embrace in a Romantic moonlight Kiss"Heart 
stardustsprinkleshin Feb 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Danny : me I'm not going anywhere I was bound by the first day I met you and the others and that I harness the blue flame I have to protect you

* luna walks and wraps her hooves around danny he could feel Luna's tears on his back he smiled and sang to her her favorite lullaby
artwarrior1985 Feb 17, 2014  Student Artist
I'm never going to leave you Luna. I'll always be here by your side.
Beautiful, love it !
HarmonizedPencil Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Luna:you have to go...don't you...
me: yes but I will also be in your heart
Luna: you can be found in my heart to button
me: save that for me and you time but I would like to leave now but I feel sad now that I have to leave a sexy thing like you behind.
luna: i would like it if you stayed more often than like you normally do but I feel like butter in my arms.
me: yes I know that you would like to come with but people or my boss wouldn't like having to look at you when I'm working but I don't care what he has to say I love luna and you will never have to wait any longer than I am waiting to marry you *luna blushes* .
luna: when are going to marry me ?
Me when it's the night at the full moon where you are at the bottom of my arms.*luna giggles* but that's not till the next night my loverly moonlight.
Luna: ok in the mean time you want to sleep with me till then so I don't have to be alone.
me: of course I will your my love of my my life why wouldn't I sleep with a cute girl like you*luna blushes against my head* . But I will be back to going to work ok luna.*luna starts to cry*
me: ok ok I won't go to work at all to day then I will stay here with you ok. *luna jumps with excitement*
HarmonizedPencil Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
After the marry part i forgot to put a :
goldenthebat Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
A little story for yall's!:3
  Celestia flew down to the dirt road,quietly.She had an important mission to do that involved moving out of Canterlot.She couldn't tell Luna about it.She couldn't afford to have her beloved little sister cry,plus she needed to keep it a secret.She couldn't tell any pony about this.As much as it hurts her,she had to.After all,it won't be that long.Celestia would only be gone for about two months.At least....that's what she thought,anyway.Celestia started to trot down the dirty road,thinking that she was in the clear."Sister....?"Celestia froze.She slowly turned her head.It was Luna."Luna!"Celestia exclaimed."Why are you up?"Luna stayed silent.This silence stayed that way until Luna finally spoke once again."You have to go...don't you...?"

Well,that's all I got.XD
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